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We Were Together

In times of stress, it is extremely important for children to feel safe and connected to their moms, dads, and caregivers. Our roles as attachment figures are more important than ever.


This activity is a great opportunity to demonstrate connectedness and the visual art piece you make together remains a reminder of that connection and of the time you spend together. Put it somewhere special, like the fridge or on a mirror.

Daniel Siegel talks a great deal about connectedness and secure attachment. He focuses on "4 S's" that allow our children to build healthy relationships both now and in the future. Our children need to be:

  • Seen—Perceiving deeply and empathically—sensing the mind behind a child's behavior, with what Siegel calls "mindsight."

  • Safe—We avoid actions and responses that hurt or frighten.

  • Soothed—We help children deal with difficult emotions and situations.

  • Secure—We help them develop an internalized sense of well-being.

I find it helpful to keep these 4 S's in mind in my day to day interactions with my own toddler. I absolutely feel more connected, contented, and hopeful with her and with myself when I am looking through the lens of attachment.