Butterfly Mindfulness Meditation

You may use this meditation before bedtime, or naptime, or anytime in the day you choose.


When I feel worried, I’ve noticed I also notice that my stomach hurts. Have you noticed where worry lives in your body? A meditation is something I do sometimes to help me with my worries.


Make sure you are seated or lying down and that feel comfy.


Close your eyes and take in a nice deep breath. Allow your whole belly and chest to fill up as your breathe in.


Bring your hands to sit on top of your heart.
As you breathe in, allow your arms to expand, like this.
As you breathe out, allow your arms to come back in to your heart.


Keep doing this, breathing in and out, allowing your arms to expand and then bringing them back in to your heart.

Notice this almost feels like you are flapping your wings like a butterfly.


Your body begins to feel deeply relaxed. All your weight falls back onto whatever you are resting on. Go ahead and bring your arms down. Allow them to feel heavy and relaxed. Your legs become relaxed. That place where you hold your worry becomes relaxed.


Now as your body relaxes, imagine you’re a beautiful butterfly resting on a leaf of a small plant near your home. You feel a breeze against your delicate wings and the breeze allows you to take flight.

Notice yourself rising up, up, high in the air above your home. You see your family through the windows and you smile, sending love and kindness to them as you look down.

As you fly over your neighborhood and your city you allow the breeze to carry you to another house. As you look down, you see another house and in the yard outside of that house is an adult that you love. Maybe it’s a grandparent, a babysitter, or a teacher. Send love and kindness to that adult.

Another wind catches your wings and you fly up, up, to another neighborhood and another house. You look down and see one of your friends playing in his or her yard. Send love and kindness to that friend as you watch him or her play. Allow feelings of joy to fill your body.

As the wind touches you again, it floats you back, back to your very own home and your very own yard to a peaceful leaf there. Notice that same wind continues to blow away any other thoughts. Feel how wonderful it feels to be free. Your mind is clear and calm. The sun touches your body and warms you. The big, puffy clouds floating in the sky remind you how relaxed and calm you can be whenever you choose.

Taking a deep breath in, you spread your wings in a huge stretch. Allow yourself to exhale slowly, bringing your hands back to your heart. Allow your eyes to open. Allow the corners of your mouth to turn up into a smile.

You are ready for wonderful, peaceful sleep or a wonderful peaceful day with those you love.


Adults: Ask your child about his or her experience after the meditation is complete. What did they like about the meditation? What was difficult for them? Did they notice anything interesting happening in their mind or body? Remember to stay entirely open and accepting of their experience!